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A fine pair in the world's finest buffalo herd
Yards at Ravalli made famous by the buffaloes
A very mad little buffalo
A Flathead Babe in Her Cradle-board
Protesting with all his mighty strength.
Wild buffaloes swimming Pend d'Oreille River
Crow Indian girls in their elk teeth dresses
After the swim, herd of wild buffaloes, Mont.
Please let me out, I want to go back
Watching Ceremony of Raising Sun Lodge
Worth three and four thousand dollars a head
Pretty little Indian girls
Cheyenne Girls in their Pretty Costumes
Monster buffaloes estimated to weigh 2,000 pounds.
Buffalo refuses to be unloaded
Unloading Buffaloes at Ravalli Yards
Buffalo Refuses to be Unloaded
A prize head worth at least ,500
Plenty Coos [sic], Chief of the Crows