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Gene Fisher Cowgirl
California Frank and his Souix Indians at Willow Grove Park, Philadelphia
[Cowgirls with California Frank's rodeo]
Ray Schafer Going Under His Horse California Frank's Rodeo
Cowgirls from the Western Ranches
California Frank and His Rodeo Hands Willow Grove Park, PA
California Frank's Famous Jumping Horse "Ghent"
John Carlos in Wild Steer Riding, California Frank's Rodeo
[California Frank and His Rodeo Hands, Willow Grove Park, PA]
Ted Harmon Bulldogging California Frank's Rodeo
Jack Wolfe Trick Roping California Frank's Rodeo
California Franks Famous Horse "Ranger" Jumping Over Auto Willow Grove Park, PA.
Jack Owens and Wild Steer Playing Tag California Frank's Rodeo Willow Grove Park
Joe Farrell Bulldogging, California Frank's Rodeo, Willow Grove Park, PA
[Possibly Ranger the horse jumping over auto containing male & female passengers]
California Frank's high jumping horse-Apollo, Wichita Falls, Tex.