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Eddie Curtis on "Five Minutes to Midnight", Ardmore Rodeo
Eddie Curtis on "Flying Squaw" 101 Ranch
Eddie Curtis Leaving "Yellow Fevor"
[Eddie Curtis with crossed arms and wearing necktie]
[Eddie Curtis staying on Saddle Bronc "Colonel" with chutes 4 through 8 to left]
Eddie Curtis on "Fire Chief" Colo State Fair Pueblo
[Eddie Curtis wearing cowboy hat and necktie]
Eddie Curtis on "Golden Fan"
Leonard McCravey & Eddie Curtis
Eddie Curtis on "Ace High" Wichita Falls, Tex. Rodeo
[Possibly Eddie Curtis and two unidentified cowboys on horseback]
Eddie Curtis on "Sure Shot" Livingston Round-Up
[Six cowboys hats in hand on horseback and a clown on a donkey]
[Possibly Eddie Curtis, Ken Roberts, and unidentified cowboy]
Eddie Curtis on "Nigger Girl" Memphis, Tenn.
[Five unidentified cowboys on horseback and a clown on a donkey]