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[Texas cowboy with rifle, knife, and umbrella]
[Six cowgirls posed in studio]
Yakima Canutt Riding on Main St. Houston, Texas
Foghorn Clancy 1-10-42
[Kirnan, Smith, Strickland, Hastings, Roach, and Randolph Studio portrait]
[Six Cowgirls posed in studio]
Bull 43, Houston, Tex.
Fog Horn Clancy, Maudine Marks and committeemen of Houston
[Florence Hughes Randolph in studio pose]
Virgil Stapp and his mule "Roosevelt" 708 Hawthorne St., Houston, Tex.
Bull No. 97 at Houston, 1949
Virgil Stapp and his Mule "Roosevelt", Address 708 Hawthorne St., Houston, Tex.